How do I get the Child Tax Credit if I am a non-filer?

Families who do not usually file taxes are sometimes called "non-filers." Often, this refers to families who make little enough money that they aren't required to file taxes—sometimes because they get their income from disability or other benefits, instead.

Everyone who is eligible for tax benefits should file a tax return, even if you think of yourself as a "non-filer." Filing a tax return could get you cash benefits like the Child Tax Credit even if you do not normally file a tax return or have not filed a tax return in a long time.

Families who are not required to file tax returns do have an extra option: they can file a "simplified" tax return. This has sometimes been called the "non-filer form" or "non-filer tool." The simplified return is technically a tax return, but is much easier to finish, and requires much less information. You can file a simplified return for free today with GetCTC.

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