The IRS says I already filed. What do I do next?

If you already filed a tax return and are waiting for your refund you can log into your IRS Online Account for status updates.
If you already filed a tax return and need to update your information then you need to file an amended tax return (Form 1040X). To file an amended tax return, it is usually easiest to use the same software or preparer that filed your original tax return.
  • If you used the File Myself option on GetYourRefund, use this help article to file an amended tax return through TaxSlayer.
  • If you use GetYourRefund and you need to file an amended tax return you should get back in touch with your tax team. You can chat with our Tax Experts or email to request help with an amended tax return. You will be asked to provide tax documents or information related to the change you would like to make. For example, if you received a new Form W-2 after you completed your tax return, you will need to provide that form to the tax team. The tax team will prepare Form 1040X and, if applicable, an amended state return. In most cases, the amended returns can be e-filed once you provide an electronic signature.
If you are unable to utilize that same software/service again, try getting assistance at an in-person VITA site. The tax team nearest to you can help you to submit your amendment. Most amendments can be e-filed but some (like change of filing status and change in dependents claimed) must be mailed to the IRS. Find the correct mailing address here.
If you are certain you did not file a tax return this year, and you did not give someone else permission to file on your behalf, then it is possible that a bad actor filed a tax return in your name. You will need to paper file a tax return and attach Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. The IRS will contact you through the mail with follow-up steps to confirm your identity.

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