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We are a free virtual service supported by the IRS, U.S. Department of Treasury, and the White House that helps low-income households across America receive high quality tax services from the convenience of your home.

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Free tax filing for households that qualify.
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File for multiple years with an IRS-certified tax preparer.

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File quickly on your own for 2023.
File Myself
Income limit:
under $66,000
under $79,000
Filing years:
Length of time to file:
IRS payment processing times vary 3-6 weeks
2-3 weeks
45 minutes
Required information
Social Security Card or ITIN paperwork
ID numbers
Official tax documents
(w2s, 1099s, etc)
Tax Payer Residency
Available to residents of all states.

Limited availability for non-residents and Puerto Rico residents
Available to residents of all states, Puerto Rico, and non-residents.
Additional benefits
Chat support
ITIN application assistance
IRS-certified VITA tax team
Please select the option you're interested in to learn more about the full list of requirements.

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Oh my god this is amazing

“I just want to say I can’t tell you how much stress you guys relieved by offering it online, I had looked at other services credit karma, turbo tax and going through the initial steps I just wasn’t feeling confident until I stopped and found GetYourRefund I was like oh my god this is amazing”

Very professional, very friendly

“I thought the tax preparers were very professional, very friendly, very open to questions so I really appreciated that, and they were also patient with my questions. I like this process a lot better where there’s a person that can explain in detail questions that you have and they respond pretty fast”

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